Emergency and Critical Veterinary Care

The healthcare providers at High Desert Veterinary have an exceptional depth of experience in dealing with medical crisis, trauma and critical care situations. Our hospital is well equipped for rapid diagnostics and monitoring, and we can also provide appropriate follow-up care, whether it be medical or surgical.

We have a dedicated isolation ward for contagious infectious disease cases requiring critical care and have strict isolation protocols and training for all care providers. We utilize 24/7 toxicology consultation services for those situations where animals ingest or contact unusual substances such as human medications, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and cleaning agents.

Urgent Care:

Primary care at High Desert Veterinary encompasses all aspects of assuring the best health and fitness for your animal friends. Urgent Care provides prompt attention to problems that need it, but are not life-threatening.

Preventive Care:

We embrace the adage that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Our Healthy Puppy, Healthy Kitten, Adult Companion and Geriatric Companion programs are designed to provide the best preventive medical measures and informational resources. These are tailored specifically to the Central Oregon region and individual clients unique needs. Our exceptional depth of experience with the health risks and concerns specific to Central Oregon, and the problems when traveling out of the area make our wellness services particularly valuable. Our extended hours afford an opportunity for clients to fit their appointments into busy work and play schedules.

Urgent Care:

For life’s “minor emergencies” with your animal friends we offer walk-in and extended office hour services. These problems are never convenient nor anticipated, and while they are not life threatening, are none the less aggravating for both you and your companion. Inevitably they happen at the least convenient times, and by “Murphy’s Law”, after regular business hours. Minor emergencies can usually be handled as relatively quick out-patient procedures, not need full-bore ER care and hospitalization, and thus not incurring ER costs. Client convenience and cost- savings are our major motivations in offering extended office hours.

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