Pharmacy and Rx Policy

High Desert Veterinary maintains an in-house pharmacy to assure the immediate availability of appropriate medications to meet the needs of our patients.  We choose among brand name and generic products striving to provide the safest, most effective and cost-effective medications available. 

For the medications we do not have on hand at the clinic, we have our partner on-line pharmacy store, Vetsource.  We can prescribe medications through Vetsource that will be delivered to your home.  They also offer compounded medications and prescription diets.

Dispensing prescription medications requires a doctor-patient-client relationship and routine monitoring of the patient for effectiveness and adverse reactions.  Such a relationship is established by patient examination and consultation.  Medications can be prescribed for up to one year at the doctor’s discretion. Some medications require vigilant monitoring for effective blood levels, organ system competence in processing the drug, and adverse physiologic reactions that cannot otherwise be determined by physical exam.

Under appropriate circumstances we are happy to provide a handwritten prescription allowing purchase of pharmaceuticals from alternate sources upon client request.  We are also happy to call prescriptions in to reputable local pharmacies.  Because of unethical business practices that exist among internet pharmacies, and the potential for ineffective or harmful results from the products they sell, we reserve the right to decline authorizing prescriptions from internet pharmacies at our discretion.

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