Prevent Fleas and Ticks


Our veterinarians recommend using a topical flea and tick prevention medication such as Frontline Plus, which we sell at our clinic.  This product, and similar quality ones, kill fleas and ticks within hours, and are applied monthly.


The sucking louse of dogs, Linognathus sp. is prevalent in Central Oregon and is very easily spread from dog to dog. The louse is very small and appears similar to a grain of dirt on the skin. Infestation occurs over the entire body and causes the dog to be very itchy.


Fleas are uncommon in many parts of Central Oregon due to the inhospitable dry and cold climatic conditions. They are found in rodent burrows, deer beds, and other protective micro-climates. Dogs with fleas visiting from other areas may provide a source of infestation that can become an ongoing problem if they establish themselves in a household.  The important thing to remember is that fleas live in a dog’s surroundings and are on the host to feed, then jump off.  This means that environmental control is key to eliminating infestation. Applying a flea repellent prior to traveling with your dog to an area where fleas are a problem is well advised.


As with fleas, ticks are uncommon in many areas of Central Oregon and are primarily associated with wildlife hosts. Tick-borne illnesses such as Lymes Disease are not recognized as being prevalent in this area.  Occasionally we see ear ticks which cause the dog a good deal of head-shaking and distress before they are removed.

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- Dave Berry